Ophthalmic Surgical Blades -NanoCut

All nanoCut Blades are round stock. ETO steralized and with autoclavable polycarbonate handles and cradle....  more

A tool to practice retinal photocoagulation and Indirect Ophthalmoscopy.

...  more
Auro Octane-Surgical Dye - Auro Octane

Perfluoro N Octane 5ml CE
(Used in vitreo retinal surgery)...  more
AuroBlue-Surgical Dye - AuroBlue

Trypan Blue 0.06 % 1ml CE
(to stain anterior section of the eye during surgery)

Trypan Blue 0.15% 1ml CE
(to stain posterior section of the eye in surgery) ...  more
AuroGreen-Surgical Dye - AuroGreen

Indocyanine Green 25mg
(dye used in ophthalmic angiography)...  more
Aurosil-Surgical Dye - Aurosil

Silicon Oil 1000/5000cst CE
(used in retinal detachment )...  more
Brilliant Blue-Surgical Dye -Brilliant Blue

Brilliant Blue G 0.05% 1ml CE
(to stain internal limiting membrane during vitreo retinal surgery)...  more
Aurogel-Visco Elastic Solution - Aurogel

Sodium Hyaluronate 1.4% in Pre Filled Syringe 1ml...  more
Aurovisc-Visco Elastic Solution - Aurovisc

HydroxyPropyl Methylcellulose in Pre Filled Syringe
2ml...  more
Gonio Gel-Visco Elastic Solution - gonio gel

HydroxyPropyl Methylcellulose 2.25% for Gonioscopy 10ml
...  more

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